CX Silver Gallery in Brattleboro (Credit: Adam Silver)

Thursday, June 13, 6:00PM at CX Silver Gallery

814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT

Poet and artist Nye Ffarrabas presents selections from her 70+ years of poetry and 60+ years of visual, conceptual and word art at CX Silver Gallery and Press, with its current exhibitions of Ffarrabas’ work and the work of Nina Isabelle inspired by Ffarrabas’ words, hosted by Cai Xi and Adam Silver for the Brattleboro Words Project’s monthly Roundtable Discussion Thursday, June 13, 2019, 814 Western Avenue, at 6:00 pm.  The event is free and refreshments will be served. The discussion will focus on the intersection of poetry, event scores, and interactive word art.

Nye’s work transcends neat categorization and even pushes the boundaries of conventional definitions of ‘art’ with her event scores (instructions for participants in group and solo improvisation settings), poetry, wall pieces, text-based art, installations, found-object artifacts and sculpture, and photographic documentation of her performances and happenings. Her fifty-year retrospective is documented in ‘a walk on the inside’ published by CX Silver Gallery Press. She is annotating her 1964-69 Friday Book of White Noise, due out later this year, the complete journals seen in public for the first time. Now on display, fashioned as a Möbius Strip, is her Infinite Event Score.

Roundtable Discussions are also an opportunity for Words Project research leaders and teachers to share information and inspiration and for members of the public to discover how they too can participate in making podcasts about sites and themes important to our region’s storied past.