Semi-Regular Saturday Words Workshops

At 118 Elliot in Brattleboro

Why? For Brattleboro Words Project Community Researchers (and those interested in volunteering with the Project) to collaborate with members of the Project’s Production Team. Ask questions, get feedback on scripts, rough cuts, approach and learn how to turn your stories into audio segments for the Brattleboro Words Trail.

PARTICIPANTS:  Please SIGN UP by Friday noon the day before using this online form:

Workshop Sign-up Form

Please bring your own computers and earphones if working on audio edits (organizers will try to bring a couple pairs of earphones you can borrow if you don’t have any but cannot guarantee). The Project’s default sound editing program is cloud-based, free SOUNDTRAP but you can come work with any program you like.



12/7, 1-4 PM: Reg Martell and Jen Austin?

12/14, 1-4 PM: Desmond

12/21, 1-4 PM:  Reg & Jen


1/4, 12-3 PM: Sally Seymour and Lissa

1/11, 12-3 PM:  Reg Martell and Jen

1/18, 1-3 PM:  Lissa

February and beyond dates to be announced in mid-January. See updates here on our website or on Facebook.