Credits & Thanks

In December 2016, a new National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) ‘Creating Humanities Communities’ grant sparked the Brattleboro Historical Society, Brooks Memorial Library, Brattleboro Literary Festival, Write Action and Marlboro College and a group of interested citizens to brainstorm about how best to create a project that could highlight our area’s unique but little known tradition of writing, printing, publishing, storytelling and thought leadership. This included a strong commitment to uncover the deeper roots of this literary identity via heretofore marginalized contributors and the land itself.

We envisioned many voices creatively telling audio stories attached to places for a ‘deep mapping’ over time. We envisioned finally producing a long-discussed book about Brattleboro’s unique legacy of words with research and contributions from local authors. We wanted to nurture a shared ‘pride of place’ and new relationships by bringing an array of community members and students together with scholars and experts who helped them research and illuminate these stories using the abundant resources and talent the area has to offer.

The group’s ideas crysallized into a proposal entitled ‘Peoples, Places and the History of Words in Brattleboro, Vermont,’ or shorthand, the ‘Brattleboro Words Project.’ The resulting NEH ‘challenge grant’ provided no outright funding but a 1:1 match for every local dollar raised. A lively volunteer Leadership Team met monthly to fundraise, plan and administer the work. The evolving Brattleboro Words Trail audio tour and the book Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words are the fruits of thousands of volunteer hours and local support that continues today.

We commissioned ​​Brattleboro artist Cynthia Parker-Houghton to create a physical companion map for the online Brattleboro Words Trail stories. She used sgraffito, a ceramic carving technique she honed as lead designer at Natalie Blake Studios, to create beautiful murals that form the basis for the printed maps found around Brattleboro and surrounding towns. These murals and the Brattleboro Words Trail will be featured on the outside wall of the new Amtrak Station scheduled to be opened in Spring 2023.

We ran monthly Roundtable Discussions on the people and places we were studying. We mounted seven distinct exhibitions. We led free audio storytelling workshops in schools and libraries. We discovered a sort of meta-analysis when current writers wrote audio pieces on writers of the past. Teachers loved how learning could be enhanced by the Project’s approach to history, writing and the technical aspects of audio creation. Whole families got involved. Now, working with Brooks Memorial Library and the Brattleboro Historical Society, we are continue to expand the fun we have with the Words Trail process, where each new story builds a living Words Trail over time.  Below please find the names of those who have contributed and continue to contribute to the Brattleboro Words Trail and all its offshoots. We are grateful to all of you for seeing and sharing the stories all around us and apologize if anyone’s name is missing.

Brattleboro Words Trail & Brattleboro Words Project Advisory Team and Staff

Oversees the Brattleboro Words Trail’s continued development as an independent program at the Vermont Folklife Center as of February 2021.

William Edelglass
Starr LaTronica
Lissa Weinmann
Jack Pombriant

Shanta Lee Gander
Rolf Parker-Houghton
Muse Arts
Gila Koch

Original Brattleboro Words Project Leadership Team

Lissa Weinmann, Project Director
William Edelglass, PhD, Lead Scholar
Rolf Parker-Houghton, Lead Local Historian
Sandy Rouse, Brattleboro Literary Festival
Mary Ide
Stephanie Greene
Rich Holschuh
Jessica Dolan, PhD
Desmond Peeples, Assistant Director (half of 2018 – 2019)

Jen Austin, Executive Director / Creative
Reg Martell, Brattleboro Historical Society
Joe Rivers, Brattleboro Historical Society
Starr LaTronica, Brooks Memorial Library
Arlene Distler
Shanta Lee Gander
Jerry Carbone
Curtiss Reed Jr.
Sarah Kovach, Assistant Director (half of 2018)

Audio Production Team

Lissa Weinmann, Executive Producer
Joe Rivers (BAMS Student Work)
Donna Blackney (voice on intro)
Dave Snyder, Guilford Sound

Reg Martell
Sally Seymour
John Loggia
Ty Gibbons, Words Trail Theme Music Composer


Lauren Paulet (Summer 2020)

Mazie Starratt (Summer/Fall 2021)

Community Members ‘On The Trail’


Ty Gibbons (Words Trail theme music)
Wendy Wallis
Leah Susan Goodman McGrath
Drew Lopenzina, PhD
William Forchion
Randy Holhut
Olga Peters
Kate Casa
Andy Davis
Jane Beck
Verandah Porche
Maria Margaronis
Marni Rosner
Buzz Schmidt
Ines Zeller Bass
Shoshonna Bass
Jody Williams
Angelina Pavlova
Jesse Haas
Orion Barber
J. Parker Huber
Jacqueline Hooper
Althaea Carroll
Amer Latif, PhD
Shannon Ward
Peter Galbraith
Beena Kamlani
Lisa Merton
Don McLean
David Hiler
Chris Lamb
Deborah Lee Luskin
Elissa Pine
Dennis Waring
Tim Weed
Ned Childs
Chief Roger “Longtoe” Sheehan
Kevin O’Keefe
Adam Silver
Amy Tudor
Jackson Gillam
Mary and Gordon Hayward
John Shaw
Archer Mayor
Jen Kramer
Ross Thurber
Ande Singh
Stephanie Greene
Graham Greene
Jenny Altschuler
Peter Gould, PhD
William Edelglass
Kristina Meima
Greg Jolly
James Koch
Jack Pombriant

Mike Kelly (logo design)
Michael Hanish
Paul Van Winkle
John Grayson, PhD
Joyce Marcel
Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina, PhD
Jeff Potter
Alvino Fantini
Mary Wesley
Desmond Peeples
John Scagliotti
Richard Wyzanski
Anna Kusmer
Jeff Morse
Eric Bass
Nancy Olson
Tom Bodett
Daniel Toomey, PhD
Kathaleen “Kit” Whallon
Jon Mack
Steve Hooper
John Hooper
Dan DeWalt
Meg Mott, PhD
Riley Goodemote
Zachary Leader, PhD
Larry Simons
Alan Dater
Jenny Holan
James Galbraith
Martin Langeveld
Molly Melloan
Barbara George
John Warren
Elery Loggia
Christopher Benfey, PhD
Curtiss Reed, Jr.
Stefan Gillam
Nye Ffarrabas
Charles Fish, PhD
Leonard Oppenheim
Lynn Green
Castle Freeman
Trevor LeClaire
Adrienne LaPierre
Colleen Chatterton
Fletcher Procter
Isaac Greene
John Irving
Robert Weir, PhD
Sandy Rouse
Mazie Starratt
Tamara Stenn
Jesse Lepkoff
Chuck Collins
Bonnie Kane

Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words Book Committee

Michael Fleming, Editor
Stephanie Greene, Art Editor
Arlene Distler
Andy Burrows

Jen Austin, Committee Coordinator
Jim Brissom, Designer
Mary Ide
+ 32 writers listed in the book

Sponsors/Foundation and Community Support

The National Endowment for the Humanities
The Thompson Trust
118 Elliot
Dunham-Mason Fund
Marlboro Town Committee
Brent Kendrick, PhD
Mara Williams
Everyone’s Books
Ana Saavedra, Edward Jones
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary
John Hooper
Alexander Shriver

The Windham Foundation
Crosby-Gannett Fund
New Hampshire Charitable Trust
Guilford Sound
New England Grassroots Fund
Friend of Brooks Memorial Library
Prentiss Smith
Phil Steckler
Vermont Historical Society
Joe Little, Brattleboro Savings and Loan
Mary Ide
Jerry Carbone
C&S Printing


at Marlboro College to January 2021

Rob Williams

Hillary Twining

at Vermont Folklife Center since January 2021

Susan Jones

Special Thanks

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy
Andy Kolovos, Vermont Folklife Center
Prudence Baird
Sarah Kovach

Sara Coffey and David Snyder
Mara Williams
Robin MacArthur
Desmond Peeples