Charles Anderson Dana:

The Charles Dana Bridge, Hinsdale, NH

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One of the two bridges that connect Brattleboro with Hinsdale is called the Charles Dana Bridge. It’s the eastern bridge, closer to the New Hampshire shore; the western span is the Anna Hunt Marsh Bridge. Brattleborians are somewhat likely to recognize the name of Marsh as the benefactor whose $10,000 bequest in 1834 made possible the founding of what is now the Brattleboro Retreat. But mention Charles Dana, and you’ll draw a blank stare.

Charles Anderson Dana was born in Hinsdale in 1819, but didn’t live there very long. He would grow up to have a way with words that led him into a long career in journalism. But along the way, he would play a key role in the Civil War — one that helped elevate Ulysses S. Grant to the status of supreme military commander and helped win the war for the North.





Photo taken by Brian McKee in May 2010

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42°51’02.9″N 72°33’01.4″W, NH 119, Hinsdale, New Hampshire

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