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Governor George Aiken & The Putney Mountain Trail:

Putney, VT

United States Senator George Aiken of Vermont

The late, legendary US Senator and 64th Governor of the State of Vermont, George Aiken (August 20, 1892 – November 19, 1984) has been likened to a “vintage Bernie Sanders.” Born in Dummerston and raised in Putney, Aiken spent his early life in agriculture, with a passion for small fruits, even publishing two books, Pioneering With Wildflowers in 1933, and Pioneering With Fruits and Berries in 1936. Aiken’s political career started in 1933, when he was elected to the Vermont House. He served as Governor of Vermont from 1937 to 1941, and as the State’s US Senator from 1941 until stepping down in 1975.


Locals and visitors to Putney walk the same paths he did as a young horticulturalist, teacher, and rhetorician, including the beautiful trails of Putney Mountain, where Aiken likely hiked to the summit to watch for hawks as so many still do today.

Hawk watchers on Putney Mountain.

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Putney Mountain Trailhead

Putney Mountain Trailhead

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