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The Stone House Tavern:

Chesterfield, NH

A modern-day photo of the Old Stone House Tavern’s popular ballroom, complete with fiddlers bench. Courtesy of the Chesterfield Historical Society.

Take Route 9 East from Exit 3 in Brattleboro, and in a few miles you’ll see a crossroads where on the left sits a classic, well-preserved stone farmhouse. Built in 1831 and operating today as a museum, locals know this storied building by its historical uses, calling it “the antique bookstore,” “the Inn,” or it’s official name, “the Old Stone House Tavern.”

In its original heyday in the late 19th century, the Old Stone House was a popular rest stop for travelers between Brattleboro and Keene, and a hotspot for music lovers looking to dance to the latest ragtime

In 1995, Constantine “Deeko” Broutsas purchased it, renovated it—taking care to preserve its original features where possible—and opened a shop to sell antiques, rare books, and fine art. Broustas’ has since passed, and his shop with him, but his will generously offered the Old Stone House Tavern to the Chesterfield Historical Society.

Read more of the Stone House’s story at the Chesterfield Historical Society’s website.

Site research in progress. Check back soon for more of the story.

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The Stone House Tavern on Route 9 in Chesterfield, NH

The Stone House Tavern

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