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The West River Railroad Museum & J.J. Green’s Diary:


Newfane, VT

The Diary of J.J. Green: A Daily Record of the Year 1885 by a Stationmaster on the West River Railroad

What remains of the West River Railroad is a quiet building in Newfane, the Old Depot, lovingly restored in recent years by The Historical Society of Windham County. The railroad was completed in 1880 and ran until 1936, known locally as “the 36 miles of trouble” due to frequent wrecks, derailments, or track disruptions due to the forces of nature.

We have an especially intimate window onto the woes of the West River Railroad—and the nitty gritty details of everyday life at the time—thanks to the 1885 diary of J.J. Green, a stationmaster and prominent Newfane citizen who died in the infamous “Wreck At Three Bridges” that very year. To buy the book online visit the website of The Historical Society of Windham County.

Site research in progress. Check back soon for more of the story.

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The West River Railroad Museum

Cemetery Hill Rd, Newfane, VT 05345

West River Railroad Museum

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