Andy Burrows came to Brattleboro in 1966, joining Stephen and Janet Greene as Managing Editor of The Stephen Greene Press. During five years with the Greenes, he handled book production and consulted on editing, book sales, advertising, and book design. He left to get his masters in teaching ESL at SIT. After teaching ESL and administering programs in DC and Northfield, MA, he went back to SIT to work with Ray Clark doing the book design and production on language texts in 12 languages for the Peace Corps. In 1980 Andy started Pro Lingua Associates (with Ray as editor), using both his publishing and teaching skills. With over 100 titles still in print, Pro Lingua is known around the US and the world. Andy has served on the Guildford Planning Commission and on the boards of Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Vermont Public Radio, and Write Action.