Brattleboro Words Trail

Self-Guided, Community-Created Audio Tours for Walking, Biking and Driving

Telling Our Story

Brattleboro and its environs has a rich and varied history of writing, from Abenakis using writing to defend their homeland and Lucy Terry Prince, regarded as the first African-American poet, to Nobel Prize winners and contemporary authors.

Marlboro College, the Brattleboro Literary Festival, the Brattleboro Historical Society, Brooks Memorial Library and Write Action have joined forces to document how this history is embedded in particular places & make it easily accessible for all. Peoples, Places & History of Words in Brattleboro, Vermont (Brattleboro Words Project) was awarded a multi-year National Endowment for the Humanities matching grant to help connect today’s citizens to the stories behind the places we share — and each other.

Project scholars guide community and classroom-based teams to research the stories and people associated with sites for the ‘Brattleboro Words Trail,’ a web-based platform & mobile app featuring downloadable maps for audio-enhanced walking, biking & driving tours that catalogue our literary treasures while stimulating wider interest in the Brattleboro area.

Did you know…

…our Project builds on the success of the Brattleboro Historical Society’s more than 175, Brattleboro Area Middle School Student podcasts, available on the BHS website?

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How can I participate?

Join a growing group of Project participants and supporters excited to explore local history, strengthen our communities, support local education and contribute to a project that will bring in more visitors:


Research a site or person of interest and learn how to make podcasts for the Brattleboro Words Trail.


Volunteer to help with an event and media.


Make a tax-deductible donation at our website or mail  check to:
Marlboro College/Brattleboro Words Project
118 Elliot Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301

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Our News And Events

Story Booth Added to Library!

Dave Snyder of Guilford Sound, and local builder Dave Ross, worked with us to customize a sound-insulated ‘Story Booth’ at Brooks Memorial Library for the use of the Project’s community Research Leaders. There are 21 Research Leaders currently, with more to be added.

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Audio Equipment Delivered to Schools

Thanks to a generous donation from Dave Snyder and Guilford Sound, we have been distributing state of the art digital recording sets to schools and the Brooks Memorial Library as part of our first year of community research and audio gathering for the Brattleboro...

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