Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words

For well over 100 years, Brattleboro was nationally recognized as a “print town.”

Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words features over 30 authors with connections to Brattleboro, all lending a unique perspective and style to telling the story of Brattleboro’s long history, and ongoing legacy, of printing, publishing, and “words”.

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“At long last, the important history of Brattleboro as a print town and all its implications will finally be told, as it is a microcosm of the story of the nation at large.”   

Jeff Potter, Editor-in-Chief, The Commons, Brattleboro, VT

Print Town Team

Our Authors & Artists

Robert R. Anderson

Judy Ashkenaz

Jen Austin

Benson Bobrick

Tom Bodett

James F. Brisson

Marshall Brooks

Andy Burrows

Dede Cummings

Arlene Distler

Julia Ferrari

Charles Fish

Michael Fleming

Castle Freeman

Shanta Lee Gander

Christina Gibbons

Stephanie Greene

Christopher Grotke

Rich Holschuh

John Rice Hooper

Jackie Patterson Hooper

Mary Ide

Lise LePage

Joyce Marcel

Don McLean

Steve Minkin

Nancy A. Olson

Rolf Parker

Joe Rivers

Bill Soucy

Lissa Weinmann

Richard M. Wizansky

Book Committee

Jen Austin

Andy Burrows

Arlene Distler

Stephanie Greene

Mary Ide

Rolf Parker