Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words

For well over 100 years, Brattleboro was nationally recognized as a “print town.”

Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words features over 30 authors with connections to Brattleboro, all lending a unique perspective and style to telling the story of Brattleboro’s long history, and ongoing legacy, of printing, publishing, and “words”.

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Print Town was published December 2020.

450 copies were printed in the first run, each numbered and signed by the designer. 

Over 1/3 of the available books had been reserved prior to publication. 

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There are a limited number of books available for purchase at Everyone’s Books and at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center (where  the beautiful murals and “Our Storied Landscape” exhibit for the Brattleboro Words Trail, which features many of the people and places Print Town explores was on display through 2/14/21).

The book retails for $40.

Copies are also available at some libraries, including Brooks Memorial Library. (Call your local library to see if they have a copy).

Thanks to the overwhelming response and interest in Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words, we are SOLD OUT of all 350 of our copies.

However, the Vermont Historical Society has books available for purchase online (and the ability to issue a future printings, if there is sufficient interest).

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Print Town book cover

Cover of Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words, designed by James Brisson

The cover photo is the pressroom of the Vermont Printing Company, 1920. Seventeen-year-old Francis Harwood (foreground) operates a sheet-fed platen press. His co-worker, Clarence E. Shaw (rear), went on to establish Shaw Press in 1931.

This richly illustrated book features rare archival images and original illustrations.

Publisher: Vermont Historical Society.

Printed locally at Howard Printing.

The first printing was 450 copies, each numbered and signed by the designer.

Library of Congress details

“At long last, the important history of Brattleboro as a print town and all its implications will finally be told, as it is a microcosm of the story of the nation at large.”   

Jeff Potter, Editor-in-Chief, The Commons, Brattleboro, VT

Print Town Team

Book Designer

Book Art Editor

Tom Bodett

“Brattleboro is a book town… I wonder how many other readers, writers, and those who serve them settled in Brattleboro over these many years for this reason?

Words are, as Kipling put it, a powerful drug.”

— from the Foreword

Our Authors & Artists

Robert R. Anderson

Judy Ashkenaz

Jen Austin

Benson Bobrick

Tom Bodett

James F. Brisson

Marshall Brooks

Andy Burrows

Stuart Copans

Dede Cummings

John S. Dimick

Arlene Distler

Ezra Distler

Julia Ferrari

Charles Fish

Michael Fleming

Castle Freeman

Shanta Lee Gander

Christina Gibbons

Stephanie Greene

Christopher Grotke

Rich Holschuh

John Rice Hooper

Jackie Patterson Hooper

Cynthia Parker Houghton

Mary Ide

Lise LePage

Joyce Marcel

Don McLean

Steve Minkin

Nancy A. Olson

Rolf Parker

Joe Rivers

Bill Soucy

Lissa Weinmann

Richard M. Wizansky

What People Are Saying…

Brattleboro grew up and prospered, thanks to the waters of the Connecticut River and Whetstone Brook. But what this highly readable, wonderfully accessible and beautifully illustrated book shows is that, almost from the town’s beginnings, ink was also part of its bloodstream––a vital economic force and an essential element of its heart and soul. Words––both as a business and an art––helped make Brattleboro unique.

— Dayton Duncan, Author & Filmmaker

I saw the article about it and quickly ordered a copy, which I now have and am blown away by it! This book is a true treasure for everyone in this whole area who reads at all. I started reading it and then began jumping around in it, and last night began around 10 and suddenly it was midnight. Compelling information and writing and photography, all of it. Plus great fun!

— Barbara Evans

The writing is consistently good throughout, and the book is beautiful.

Alan Berolzheimer, VHS lead book editor

WELL, the book arrived!! This is the most gorgeous, fascinating, comprehensive , sophisticated tome I have ever seen! What a terrific job you all have done. So impressed…we will take our time reading and absorbing it as there is so much there. — Stephen & Katherine Krane

Arrived by mail this morning and I have just now come up for air… It is so beyond my hopes and expectations, it is absolutely dazzling by any and every metric imaginable. What a terrific piece of work! — John Hooper, Author & Printer

Print Town: Brattleboro’s Legacy of Words arrived today: it is just gorgeous! Thank you so much! — Brent Kendrick, PhD, Professor of English, Author

I’ve just finished reading Print Town; it is an amazing body of work, and I learned a lot from it.  And it is beautifully designed… Thanks for a fantastic book!

— Kenneth Peterson, Worcester, MA

Hear from some of our authors

Brattleboro Words Trail logo - white background

Click to hear more stories from Print Town authors and others at the Brattleboro Words Trail – audio tours of people and places significant to the history and legacy of words, starting in Brattleboro.

Book Committee

Jen Austin

Andy Burrows

Arlene Distler

Stephanie Greene

Mary Ide

Rolf Parker

Pictured above: Some members of the Book Committee and others from the Words Project meet with Mike Fleming, editor, at Brooks Memorial Library. Pictured (L to R): Mary Ide, Rolf Parker-Houghton, Arlene Distler, Desmond Peeples, Mike Fleming, Andy Burrow, and Lissa Weinmann